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    Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy

    Designated as a SSNHA Partner Site in 2006, this family-owned farm just outside of Hudson, Iowa, has been part of the Hansen family since Jay Hansen’s ancestors emigrated from Germany in 1864. In 1953, the dairy herd originated, with Jay and Jeanne Hansen taking over operations in 1975. Over the years, the farm has expanded as the family’s four sons began taking lead roles. Today, the 400-acre farm includes a closed herd of 175 cows and 190 heifers, all purebred Holsteins.

    At the on-farm creamery, around 2,000 gallons of milk are processed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To produce a high quality product, the Hansen’s closely monitor their cow’s diet, while never giving them growth hormones. All of the milk is non-homogenized, leaving the milk in its natural state where the cream rises to the top. The Hansen’s also produce a variety of other products, including cheese curds, butter and 30 flavors of ice cream. All of their products are sold locally at markets throughout the Cedar Valley, Iowa, and surrounding region, as well as at their own Moo Roo (Waterloo) and the Hansen’s Outlet (Cedar Falls).

    To educate consumers and youth on how milk makes it from the cow to the kitchen table, the Hansen’s welcome tours of the farm at their newly constructed visitor center. Visitors have the option of a tractor-drawn trolley or walk-through tour where they can bottle feed calves, milk cows and meet the farm’s wallaby mascots. All tours conclude with Hansen’s ice cream, one of the reasons CNN ranked the farm in its top five ice cream tours in the nation. Over the summer, the farm hosted an intern funded in part by a SSNHA Intern Grant, who helped develop exhibits and curriculum about dairy farming. This curriculum will be used to educate the countless students who visit the farm, including SSNHA Seasonal Camps and field trips funded by SSNHA’s Bus Grant Program. To learn more about the farm or to schedule a tour, visit or call 319-939-2187.

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