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    SSNHA Launches Stamp Program: Visit 25 Sites in 2021

    Waterloo, IOWA — Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area (SSNHA) is celebrating 25 years in 2021.

    In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, heritage area travelers are invited to participate in the Silos & Smokestacks Stamp Challenge. Each partner site has a personalized 25th Anniversary Stamp. Beginning in May, visitors can get their SSNHA Visitor Guide stamped in the special two page center spread of the 25th Anniversary Edition. The first 25 visitors to get their guide stamped by 25 different sites in 2021 will receive a prize.

    “I am so looking forward to this year of celebration for Silos & Smokestacks,” said Cara Miller, Silos & Smokestacks executive director. “A 25th anniversary is always a wonderful milestone for any organization to celebrate.”

    Silos & Smokestacks headquarters is located in downtown Waterloo, Iowa. The heritage area is spread over 37 counties in northeast Iowa, boasting more than 115 partner sites & attractions.

    Visitors can view life through the eyes of a pioneer. Sample wine from the same vineyard where the grapes were grown. Hear the ring of the hammer in a restored blacksmith’s shop. Or, experience what it would have been like to work in a feed mill in the 19th century.

    Visitor guides can be picked up at any one of SSNHAs partner sites, or at the heritage area headquarters, 305 W. Park Ave., Waterloo, Iowa. For more information on Silos & Smokestacks 25th Anniversary Program, visit

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