Bennington No. 4 School


2025 East Bennington Road
Waterloo, IA 50703


Phone: 319-233-7791

Bennington No. 4 is a one-room school built in 1911. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is located on its original site amid active farms in rural Bennington Township. Experience 20th century life from 1945-1955 at the school and three outbuildings.

Visitors can have an authentic experience from this well preserved school house in its original location along with its original foundation, structure, school bell, wood shed, teachers desk, and outhouses. When you’re here you can easily imagine students walking, riding a wagon, or riding a pony to the school. Children collected wood from the wood shed and stoked a wood burning stove during the winter for room heat. Water was carried in a bucket from the nearby farmhouse as needed for the day. Teachers visiting the school will ponder the difficulties of teaching eight grades of education simultaneously with wide ranging ages and coursework. Any visitor can expect to leave with an enlightened appreciation for our modern schools and the steps to achieve this environment as well as the efforts and commitments made by the teachers and residents to support the one room schools.


By appointment only. Call (319)233-7791 or (319)269-2478 or (319)404-0384. Visiting hours can be arranged between 9am thru 8pm.


Admission is free. Donations accepted. There are DVDs available about the school that include interviews from prior students and teachers.

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