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15th Annual Iowa Country School House Conference

Event Details

October 10, 2014 — October 11, 2014
Location: The Kalona Historical Village
715 D Ave.
Kalona, Iowa 52247
Contact Name: Bill Sherman
Email: wsherman41@gmail.com
Phone: 515.278.2242
Website: /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/SchoolhouseBroch2014.pdf

Event Description

Attend the 15th Annual Iowa Country School Preservation Conference in a location where the one-room school is not just a memory of the past. The largest Amish settlement west of the Mississippi, Kalona’s countryside has nearly a dozen Amish schools still operating. Tours will not only visit both historic and modern school houses, but will also showcase the beauty of the area’s slow moving countryside, featuring barn quilts, Amish gardens, horse and buggies and several good old-fashioned Amish meals. Your registration also allows you to take in the 15 historic buildings, quilt galleries and museums at the restored 1800s village that is hosting.