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Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre: “Sal Fink, Catfish Wrangler”

Event Details

February 21, 2015 1:00 PM
Location: University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
17 N. Clinton St.
Iowa City, Iowa
Contact Name: Sarah Horgen
Email: uimnh@uiowa.edu
Phone: 319-335-0606
Website: http://uiowa.edu/mnh

Event Description

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre, based in river-rich Iowa, celebrates river culture with stories starring folk heroine Sal Fink, legendary daughter of Mike Fink, the mighty keel boatman. Sal navigates the Mississippi and its tributaries riding on the back of her pet catfish, Nishnabotna. She fights off a bear with her bare hands, teaches him how to dance, and takes him home to help around the house. She vanquishes a vindictive snake and plays fetch with her pet pig, Suey. While she’s still in diapers, Sal tames a tornado and saves her dad from drowning. This lively performance uses over twenty rod puppets, hand puppets, and novelty puppets, including Sal on the back of her catfish, a large bear, a tornado, and many others. The set includes a twelve yard long, hand painted silk river as well as cattails and coneflowers.

Sponsored by the State Historical Society of Iowa and the University of Iowa Community Credit Union. To learn more about Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre, visit their website or Midwest Artist Management.