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Movies@MNH: “Lost Nation: The Ioway 2 & 3”

Event Details

October 19, 2014 3:00 PM
Location: University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
17 N. Clinton St.
Iowa City, Iowa
Contact Name: Julia Despain
Email: uimnh@uiowa.edu
Phone: 319-335-0606
Website: http://uiowa.edu/mnh

Event Description

The unforgettable story of the Ioway people continues where the award-winning “Lost Nation: The Ioway” left off in two one-hour documentary films.  When the Ioway are forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands to a reservation in Kansas, Ioway leader White Cloud (The Younger), believes his people must relocate to survive.  But intermarriage, broken treaties, and the end of communal living leads to a split in 1878 and the establishment of a second Iowa Tribe in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).  Both tribes endure hardship and challenges to their traditions and culture to achieve successful land claims and self-determination in the turbulent 1970s.  Lost Nation: The Ioway 2 & 3 brings the Iowa story full circle.

[LENGTH: Ioway 2-55 minutes, Ioway 3-55 minutes; No Rating]