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Museum Madness: Where is Henry Grout & Great Scientists Through History

Event Details

March 26, 2016 — March 26, 2016
Location: Grout Museum & Imaginarium
503 South Street & 322 Washington Street
Waterloo, Iowa/50701
Contact Name: Jordan Walker
Email: jordan.walker@gmdistrict.org
Phone: 3192346357
Website: https://www.groutmuseumdistrict.org/calendar/museum-madness-where-is-henry-grout---D03262016.aspx

Event Description

At the Grout Museum: Travel through the ages with Grout Museum District founder, Henry Grout. Complete challenges and solve trivia to uncover what time period you & Henry Grout are visiting with each activity. From the Paleozoic to the present, put your skills to the test and follow Mr. Grout through history.

At the Imaginarium: Explore many famous scientists from various backgrounds and eras! Get electrified with Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Feel the pressure with Daniel Bernoulli and Bernoulli’s Principle. Get moving with Sir Isaac Newton and his Three Laws of Motion. Explore space travel with Albert Einstein.