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UI Explorers Seminar: “Linking Pathogen Evolution with Human History” with Andrew Kitchen

Event Details

December 11, 2014 7:00 PM
Location: University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
17 N. Clinton St.
Iowa City, Iowa
Contact Name: Sarah Horgen
Email: uimnh@uiowa.edu
Phone: 319-335-0606
Website: http://uiowa.edu/mnh

Event Description

Pathogens and parasites have evolved in intimate relationships with their human hosts, and have often played central roles in human population history. Notably, human pathogens evolve with surprising rapidity, quickly exploiting novel niches introduced by shifts in human behavior or ecology. In this seminar, Drew Kitchen, assistant professor of anthropology, will present recent work that investigates the connection between pathogen/parasite evolution and the history of their human host populations. He will also explore how human parasites, such as lice, may colonize new niches introduced by shifts in human behavior, and in so doing, become unique markers of our evolutionary history. Time for questions will follow, and refreshments will be served.