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Hartman Reserve Nature Center

CEDAR FALLS — Me and my mom went to Hartman Reserve the other day. We had a lot of fun walking on the trails but there were lots of mosquito’s. I thought I would learn about nature when we got there.  We learned about a lot more than just that.

Lily with the TurtlesEd, our tour guide, let me hold different kids of turtles. That was my favorite part! We also learned about how they make maple syrup and that they make it in the Sugar Shack. They start making it in the spring and then store it.  I don’t like syrup but it was neat hearing about how they made it. Sometimes they make a lot and sometimes they don’t, because of the sap that they get from the trees.

Grant Wood LilyI also learned that when it rains all of the water from the parking lot goes into this little rock chamber with sand and dirt on top of it. It creates a wetland area for animals and plants.

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