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Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum

20160709_141011BURR OAK –Before I visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum I thought of some questions like, did she live in Burr Oak?  If she did, for how long? And that question got answered.  She lived in Burr Oak from 1896-1897.

The most interesting part of the tour was probably the fact that the bed was made of ropes and they had to tighten the ropes with a bed key so you wouldn’t find yourself on the ground when you woke up.  They would say “sleep tight” to remember to tighten their ropes!

Laura lived in a hotel in Burr Oak that is now a part of the museum.  Another cool thing – a bank is a part of the museum.  It’s the gift shop and they have a room that tells a little about the bank, even when it was robbed.


The photo to the left shows square nails in the original wood in the museum floor.

One more fact I didn’t know is that Laura had a little brother named Charles Fredrick and he died at the age of 9 months.  He was buried in an unmarked grave in South Troy.

Laura died in 1957 at 90 years old.  I hope my blog about the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum encourages you to visit some time too!

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