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Operation ReLeaf at Calkins

Event Details

April 20, 2016 4:30 PM — April 20, 2016 6:30 PM
Location: Calkins Nature Area
18335 135th St
Iowa Falls, IA 50126
Phone: (641) 648 4361
Website: https://www.hardincountyconservation.com/event/geteventbyid/17

Event Description

Operation ReLeaf is a program to help Alliant Energy customers save energy in their homes using trees to provide shade during the summer and windbreaks during the winter. For maximum energy efficiency, large-growing shade trees should be planted within 30 feet of the west and east of your home. Low growing trees should be planted within 20 feet of your home, and can be used to shade air-conditioners. Evergreens should be planted as a windbreak at on the north and west side of your home. Before ordering , we highly recommend you use the iTree design tools, which uses Google Earth to show you where the best placement for your tree is to reduce energy usage.

Available Trees

For more information about each species, click on the species name. This will take you to a picture and information about that species. Be sure to look at the mature height of the tree when selecting the tree for your site. The trees will be 5 – 10 foot tall and are container-grown.

Hardin County Operation ReLeaf Application (.pdf)

Even if you don’t live in Hardin County, you are welcome to purchase a tree at these events as long as you are an Alliant customer. To order, just open, complete, and print the attached order form. Mail the order form in with your check to:

Hardin County Conservation
Calkins Nature Area
18335 135th St.
Iowa Falls, IA 50126

You are allowed to order up to two trees per household. Please order early to insure you get your first choice of species. Orders must be submitted prior to 4/15/2016, and we may sell out of species prior to that date.