The Story

Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area is one of 55 federally designated heritage areas in
the nation and is an Affiliated Area of the National Park Service. Through the development of
a network of sites, programs and events, SSNHA’s mission is to interpret farm life, agribusiness
and rural communities-past and present. Click HERE to explore the heritage area or to visit one of our sites.

The Mission

Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area preserves and tells the story of American
agriculture and its global significance.

The Challenge

In the Silos & Smokestacks region, the heritage of America’s agricultural revolution still exists but it needs preservation and interpretation. American agriculture is one of the primary sources of this country’s wealth and world leadership. Our challenge is to convey the breadth and scope of this story in a compelling, meaningful way.


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Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area is committed to telling the story of American agriculture from many different perspectives. Both the history and future of agriculture is diverse and cannot be shared without recognizing contributions by all races and cultures with respect and dignity.

In addition, Silos & Smokestacks is committed to diversity in staff, volunteers, and audiences participating in public programs. We continue to seek out ways to diversify our educational programs and training for sites within the heritage area.

We are aware there is much more to the agriculture story than currently being shared. As our staff works toward new and important ways of telling an inclusive agriculture story, Silos & Smokestacks will post updates on our website and social media pages. We will continue to empower communities to tell their stories.