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Recent Research of the Underground Railroad in Iowa

Event Details

September 28, 2013 2:30 PM
Location: Montauk Historic Site
26223 Harding Rd
Clermont , Iowa 52135
Contact Name: Wade Schott
Email: montauk@acegroup.cc
Phone: 563-423-7173

Event Description


Underground Railroad in Iowa



Presented by


Douglas W. Jones, Archaeologist

State Historic Preservation Office

State Historical Society of Iowa


The State Historical Society of Iowa has been conducting historical and archaeological research and fieldwork since 2002 on the Iowa Freedom Trail Project.  This project seeks to document Underground Railroad activities throughout Iowa by identifying individuals and groups who were involved with these activities and the places where these events occurred in Iowa.  The intent of the project is to increase public awareness of this history and these places by revealing and presenting the story of Underground Railroad and antislavery activities in Iowa.  A brief overview of the results of the project will be presented.



Douglas W. Jones is one of the archaeologists and the Review and Compliance Program Manager on staff at the State Historic Preservation Office, State Historical Society of Iowa, Department of Cultural Affairs in Des Moines.  Doug has worked at the State Historic Preservation Office for the past 17 years.  Doug has served as the archaeological advisor and as a historical researcher on the Iowa Freedom Trail Grant Project documenting the people, places, and events associated with Abolitionist and Underground Railroad Activities in Iowa.  Doug is currently serving as the project manager of the Iowa Freedom Trail Project