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    Silos & Smokestacks Seeks Sites to Help Preserve America’s Agricultural Story

    Northeast Iowa— Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area (SSNHA) is in search of
    new Partner Sites to help preserve America’s agricultural story. Partner Sites would join
    104 currently recognized cultural and heritage sites located within a federally
    designated 37-county region of Northeast Iowa. Present sites range from dairy farms
    and museums to vineyards and tractor assembly tours.

    In response to regional feedback, an improved Partner Site designation process has
    been established allowing potential sites to take one of two paths. Sites that are visitor
    ready and actively interpreting a story related to agriculture may be invited to become a
    designated Partner Site. Sites that are not visitor ready and/or need further
    development of interpretation may be invited to become an Emerging Site. Together,
    SSNHA Staff will work with Emerging Sites to develop a plan of action to become a
    designated Partner Site.

    To learn more about the process and explore your attractions eligibility, we encourage
    you to submit a brief Pre-Application found online at
    under the “partner” section or call us at 319-234-4567. There is no fee to participate to
    in this regional effort and applications will be accepted beginning January 1, 2010.
    Benefits of becoming a Heritage Area Partner Site include networking within a regional
    and national program; access to technical and financial resources; opportunities for
    interpretive and educational projects; and participation in marketing programs, including
    the SSNHA visitor guide and website.

    “Through creating a lasting and meaningful relationship between all of the partners
    within the region, we hope this new process helps to build a stronger and more
    sustainable future for the Heritage Area,” commented Don Short, SSNHA President.

    Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area is one of 49 federally designated heritage
    areas in the nation and is an Affiliated Area of the National Park Service. The Heritage
    Area covers 37 counties in the northeast quadrant of Iowa. Interstate 80 borders it on
    the south and Interstate 35 borders it on the west. Through a network of sites, programs
    and events, SSNHA interprets farm life, agribusiness and rural communities – past and

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