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    URGENT! Contact Your Iowa State Legislators: Funding in Jeopardy!

    The Iowa Senate passed the Standings Bill (3192) that included Silos & Smokestacks for $250,000.

    The Iowa House REMOVED Silos & Smokestacks from the bill so now it’s in the hands of the committee members.

    We are asking you to please send an individual message to each of your legislators (find your legislator here) and those listed below requesting support for Silos & Smokestacks for the full amount of $250,000.

    Legislators want to hear from constituents and they do read emails so your message is very important.

    Please send the message today.

    There is no scheduled date for the committee to vote so save your message and we can re-send when the vote is scheduled.

    Thank you for supporting Silos & Smokestacks.

    The Standings Committee members who will decide the fate of a $250,000 Funding Bill (3192) for Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area are listed below.

    Iowa Senate

    Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (D) Council Bluffs, IA

    Senator Robert Dvorsky, Appropriations Chair (D) Coralville, IA

    Senator Pam Jochum, President of the Senate (D) Dubuque, IA

    Senator Bill Dix, Republican Leader (R) Shell Rock, IA

    Senator Jack Whitver, Republican Whip (R) Ankeny, IA

    Iowa House of Representatives

    Representative Chuck Soderberg, Appropriation Chair (R) Le Mars, IA

    Representative Kraig Paulson, Speaker of the House (R) Hiawatha, IA

    Representative Linda Upmeyer Majority,Leader (R) Clear Lake, IA

    Representative Kirsten Running-Marquardt, Appropriations (D) Cedar Rapids, IA

    Representative Chris Hall, Appropriations (D) Sioux City, IA

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