Sheldall Schoolhouse Museum Rehabilitation

The Sheldall Schoolhouse Museum was in need of a new roof, as the old one was moss covered and had begun to leak.  The wood around the windows needed work and the paint had also begun to peel on the exterior of the building.  The Museums of Story City have been fortunate to receive grant funding to help cover the cost of the rehabilitation.  One of our local Questers groups, the Praeri Rail Trail chapter, received a State Quester Grant in the amount of $3,959.  To this amount the local Questers added $1,041 to make the grant total of $5,000.  The Museums of Story City will also be receiving funding from an HRDP Country School Grant Program through the State Historical Society of Iowa.  We have also received $500 from the Hook & Eye Questers to be used for the rehabilitation.

Work began on the schoolhouse in early July.  The team from Hedberg & Son Roofing did a wonderful job on the new cedar shake roof.  Ron Cook has repaired the wood around the windows and Lynn Schulte did wonderful work painting the schoolhouse.  The rehabilitation work on the building was completed earlier in August.

We are excited to be able to continue sharing the story of early pioneer education and to preserve this 150 year old schoolhouse that was built by early pioneers in the Story City area.  Thank you to the Questers and the State Historical Society for their grant funding.