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why you should vote for Fossil & Prairie
Park Preserve & Center

Fossil & Prairie Park_362x272Fossil & Prairie Park Preserve and Center should be the “Site of the Year” for the following reasons:

• Preservation – Through the combined efforts of the Fossil & Prairie Conservation Foundation and the Floyd County Conservation Board, the site of the Rockford Brick & Tile Company was preserved for visitors to appreciate.  Visitors have an opportunity to view beehive kilns that were used in the production of drainage tiles, the labor that was involved, and the connection to today’s farming. The quarry area once used to harvest clay is now a fossil hunter’s playground.  Visitors cannot believe when told that not only can they fossil hunt, but they are allowed to take with them the fossils they find.

• Conservation – In addition to the historical impact of farming through the Rockford Brick & Tile Co., the Fossil & Prairie Center also showcases the native landscape of Iowa – prairie. As the Park contains 80 acres of native prairie, visitors can see its beauty throughout the seasons and how it assisted in creating the ability for farming to exist in Iowa today. Visitors can explore the miles of trails that meander through the prairie.

• Education – The Fossil & Prairie Park and Center is a popular site for field trips. Naturalist led tours provide additional grade specific information beyond the interactive displays. Approximately 2,000 students visit annually, many utilizing the SSNHA Bus Grants. Field trip activities can be connected to Iowa Core standards.

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