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Iowa's Dairy Center_362x272Iowa’s Dairy Center is home to the latest and greatest technology for our 300 milk cows. The Dairy Center is not only a working farm, but a tourism facility where visitors can learn about modern dairy farming. The unique dairy farm features a milking parlor system and a robotic milking system where cows literally milk themselves. Visitors are also able to see the freestall barn with sand bedding, the transition barn where cows give birth, the calf barn and dairy history displays.

Through a partnership with Silos & Smokestacks in 2014, cameras were installed throughout the facility and are streamed online. This allows the public to go onto the Dairy Foundation’s website anytime and watch cows lounging in their beds and being milked.

The Center annually hosts Breakfast on the Farm during June dairy month and has over 1,000 people attend. Guided tram tours of the nationally-recognized Dairy Center are available along with a wholesome dairy-filled breakfast. This is an exciting, educational opportunity to help families – both rural and urban – better understand the impact of agriculture in the world around us.

Iowa’s Dairy Center is supported by the Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation, a non-profit, grassroots organization formed to prepare young men and women to operate dairy farms, provide ongoing education for existing dairy farmers and serve as a public educational facility. For more information, visit

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