Center Grove Orchard


32835 610th Avenue
Cambridge, IA 50046
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Phone: 515-383-4354

With more than 40 farmyard activities—including Corn Pool, Corn Maze, Jumping Pillows, CGO Express Train and Super Slides—we have something fun for everyone! Enjoy picking apples, sunflowers, or pumpkins and meeting all our farm animals. Hungry? We have a great lineup of delicious food! Spend the day with us for a fun adventure on the farm.

We are berry eager to welcome everyone to Baby Animal days, beginning May 11, and Strawberry Season, beginning late May/ early June. 


  • Closed until May 11
  • Open daily in June, August - December
  • Check website for specific details


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Details for this Attraction:

May 11, 2024

Baby Animal Days

May 29, 2024

Session 1: Farm Camp

Jun 3, 2024

Session 2: Farm Camp