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Making Your Own Whip and the Basics of Whip Cracking

Event Details

April 26, 2014 1:00 PM — April 26, 2014 4:00 PM
Location: Science Center
5824 Council Street NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Contact Name: Norah Hammond
Email: sciencestationcr@gmail.com
Phone: 3193637836
Website: www.crsciencecenter.org

Event Description

This workshop will be an integrated form of 2 classes, Making Nylon Sport Whips (2 hrs) and the Basics of Whip Cracking (1 hr).  Combining these classes give students the opportunity to feel and use a whip to decide exactly how they would like to make one of their own.  This workshop will not only teach you about what makes a good whip better than all the rest, but it will actually give you hands-on experience with making a nylon whip yourself. In the first part, we will go over the parts of the whip, how a whip cracks, and give students the opportunity to use a variety of whips to try out.  Various types of whips will be looked at along with what characteristics of each whip make it best for what they’re used for.  Afterwards, with explanations of every step in detail, each student will make their own 12”, shot loaded, 8 plait whip.  The instructor will go over everything you need to know from the construction of the core, to plaiting patterns, and even fine tuning characteristics to make some of the best whips in the world.

This class is for adults.  Registration is required.  Cost is $40.