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Movies@MNH: “Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalos”

Event Details

January 19, 2014 3:00 PM
Location: University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
Macbride Hall Auditorium
Iowa City, Iowa / 52242
Contact Name: Sarah Horgen
Email: sarah-horgen@uiowa.edu
Phone: (319)335-0606
Website: http://uiowa.edu/mnh/

Event Description

For thousands of years, wolves have hunted buffalo across the vast North American plains. Although westward settlement of the continent saw the virtual extinction of these vast herds and their eternal predators, this ancient relationship was not lost altogether. On the northern edge of the continent’s central plains, in a place named Wood Buffalo National Park, buffalo and wolves still engage in epic life and death dramas. By following one pack of wolves, wildlife filmmaker Jeff Turner captures how these two animal species live together in what seems like a forgotten corner of the world. NR, 54 min.