Silos & Smokestacks Hosts Free Winter Webinars

    No need to put on your scarves, mittens, and sweaters!

    Grab some hot cocoa, pull up a seat in front of your computer, and avoid the cold during this series of FREE Winter Webinars hosted by Silos & Smokestacks.



    Julie McPike, Managing Director at Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area, will discuss how the collaboration among several Kansas institutions resulted in a Twitter-based, real-time “reenactment” of Quantrill’s Raid #QR1863 – one of the worst Civil War-era raids on civilians – on its sesquicentennial. This event trended worldwide, received national press, and won multiple awards. Julie will also discuss coordinating and executing this multiple-participant online event.

    Selling Your Site Using Iowa Core


    Don’t have time to translate the Iowa Core and use it to your advantage convincing teachers they will receive a great field trip and meet essential concepts and skills? Laura Elfers, Education & Interpretation Manager at SSNHA has broken down the Social Studies and Science guides into a manageable tool for you. Together, we discovered what concepts and skills attendees are already meeting with their programs.

    Best Practices in Telling the Modern Ag Story

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    Lanny Haldy, Amana Heritage Society; Megan Kregel, Iowa’s Dairy Center, and Linda Perrenoud, Jasper County Historical Society Museum will demonstrate how three very different Heritage Area Partner Sites are connecting with current day agricultural practices in their community. What visitors want to know about just might surprise you – wind energy, robotic dairying and methane gas (aka cow poo).

    Silos & Smokestacks General Grant Application

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    Thinking about submitting a Silos & Smokestacks General Grant application this year? Join us to determine if your project is a good fit for the General Grant. Candy Streed, Program & Partnership Director at SSNHA led this webinar, and covered how to setup your online application (so you can save and return to it later), review the grant criteria and funding priorities, and how to upload attachments to your application.