Summer Road Trip

Take a road trip with Silos & Smokestacks!

This summer two special fourth graders and their families have been selected to go on a road trip with Silos & Smokestacks! From dairy farms to buffalo ranches, museums to nature centers, families will be sent on agricultural adventures near and far.

In conjunction with the National Park Service’s “Every Kid in a Park,” our “road trippers” will visit two partner sites in the heritage area  this summer, July-August. Fourth grade students will register for their National Park Service Passport. Each child along with his or her family will be admitted into sites free of charge and be given a gift card to help cover fuel and mileage.

In return, students and their families will write blog about each visit. Blogs will be featured on the Silos & Smokestacks website and social media sites. Participating families are provided a travel schedule and questionnaire prior to each visit to help with blog writing.

Interested in going on the 2018 Summer Road Trip? Space is limited,only four families are needed for this adventure. To apply, fill out the Summer Road Trip Application and return it Silos & Smokestacks by May 1, 2018.

National Palogo (2)rk Service’s “Every Kid in a Park” is a program created so fourth graders and their families can discover our wildlife, resources, and history for free. Every fourth grade student in America (2016-2017 school year) is eligible for a National Park Service pass. To learn more or to register, visit


Read about the 2017 visits in the blog entries below and learn more about the story of American Agriculture.

Meet the 2017 Road Trippers!

Lidia is from Waverly. She loves fried chicken, bacon and corn on the cob. Once when she was four Lidia ate five pieces of corn on the cob for dinner! History is one of her favorite subjects, she studied Iowa History in school this year. Lidia said, “I hope to learn even more about Iowa and our past. Farming makes Iowa special so I can’t wait to explore it even more!”

Lidia’s Blog – Coming Soon!



Jackson is from Waterloo. His favorite foods that come from a farm are pork chops, Red Delicious apples and cheese curds! Jackson loves goats, chickens, dogs, rabbits and sheep. He said, “I want to learn about history of animals on the farm and a how machines were made.”

Jackson’s Blog




2016 Road Trippers

Lily Maricle Lily is from Waterloo. Her favorite foods that come from a farm are steak, cheese and chocolate milk. Her favorite animals are goats, rabbits and turtles. Lily is excited to learn about animals and nature on her road trip. She said, “I like to see how animals help the farm grow!”

Lily’s Blog


Maddie LearyMadeleine is from Waverly. Her favorite food that comes from a farm is eggs, Her favorite animal is a dog. Madeleine is looking forward to learning about all the machines on a farm and what they do!

Madeleine’s Blog





Maya is from Waterloo. Her favorite food from a farm is cheese curds. “I love them when they are squeaky,” said Maya. She also thinks baby goats are “absolutely adorable!” Maya would like to learn how people take care of livestock and she’d also like to pet the livestock, too!

Maya’s Blog


OliviaOlivia is from La Porte City. Her favorite foods from a farm are pork chops, apples, cheese, beef brisket and squash. Olivia’s favorite farm animals are cows. She is excited for her summer road trip and said, “I hope to learn more about the history of agriculture in Iowa!”

Olivia’s Blog