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HansEn’s Dairy

HUDSON — Recently I visited Hansen’s Dairy near Hudson, Iowa, with my mom and my sister. When I got there I went to the main building and my mom got me checked in. Then I met my tour guides. Their names were Joyce and Jean. They took us to the garage where we got to milk a fake cow. It was a lot of fun! Then we got on the trolley and rode it down to the farm.

032 (2)Once we got to the farm we got of the trolley and started the tour, first we went to the goats and got to pet them. We went to the milking parlor and I got to milk a real cow. I thought that was really cool! I also got to bottle feed a calf. Then we got to pet the kangaroos — they were super soft!

We rode the trolley back to the main building and I was so sad the tour was over. But guess what? It wasn’t! When got back to the main building we learned more about the cows by watching some cool videos. Can you believe that they put magnets in their stomachs to catch all bad stuff that the cows might try to eat? I thought that was very interesting! We also got to have our own serving of Hansen’s ice cream and watch a video about the ice cream was made. I thought I would try a new flavor. I decided to try “key lime pie ice cream” and it was really yummy!

026 (2)We also made homemade butter and tried it. It was very good, too! Then we tried fresh cheese curds and they squeaked in my mouth. We watch more videos about how they do things on the farm. I was so sad we had to go but it was all worth it because at the end I got to buy some cheese, milk, cheese curds and even ice cream! I hope you will visit Hansen’s Dairy, too! It is a fun road trip!!

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