Open the Doorway to the Heritage Area

Open The Doorway to the Heritage Area


This is an exciting time in Silos & Smokestacks history. There are moments for an organization where significant changes are necessary to keep growing in order to better meet the mission. This is one of those times for us!

The Silos & Smokestacks’ Board of Trustees has voted to move our offices to a street level location in a highly visible area of downtown Waterloo. Having an accessible and engaging office space that will attract visitors interested in learning more about the story of American agriculture will help advance our mission.

This move involves completing interpretation about who we are and what we do, creating inviting public visitation areas, and designing exhibits that feature partner sites so visitors can start planning their agriculture adventure. This new space will be the Doorway to the Heritage Area.

The new building, located at 305 W. Park Ave., is on the National Register of Historic Places. The first phase of the project involves building offices, and finishing electrical, plumbing, and lighting to accommodate our needs. We are working hard to complete fundraising for this first phase and we’re getting close but we need your help to get us all the way there!

Will you join us on this journey by making a gift or pledge to help move Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area into the next 20 years?

Please consider a gift to the “Doorway to the Heritage Area” project. Click the link above to donate today!

As always, thank you for your continued support in the effort to tell the story of American Agriculture.