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Ice House Museum

CEDAR FALLS — I visited the Ice House Museum in Cedar Falls, it was a very interesting attraction.

The lady who guided us was very kind. She wasn’t able to answer all of my questions, but I received an email shortly after our visit that completed my list. My most important question was “what was it like to be an ice cutter?” I think I will just have to use my imagination for that one!

Ice-HouseI learned many things at the museum. Here are some of them: Sawdust was used so that the ice didn’t fuse together. A fire destroyed the original Ice House in October 22, 1921. No wonder it was so hot in there! 😉 In 2008, the Ice House museum was affected by the flood, that is the year my little brother Jack was born, what a coincidence! Horses were used to transport ice using horse drawn disc harrows.

Overall, the Ice House museum was a pretty awesome place. I can’t believe how many times we have driven past it not knowing all of the treasures and history that it has inside!

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