This Is Ag

Agriculture is a diverse and eclectic industry. While farmers and producers are at the heart of agriculture, there are many jobs, businesses, and organizations that serve in support functions to help fulfill the human need for food, energy, clothing, and shelter.

From science and research to communications and marketing, education and historic preservation to retail and tourism – agriculture doesn’t always involve driving a tractor and getting your boots dirty.

It is our mission at Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area to preserve and tell the story of American agriculture. Past, present and future! You can visit any one of our 117 partner sites throughout Northeast Iowa to learn more about agriculture. Or, explore Iowans as leaders in agriculture in Silos & Smokestacks’ traveling exhibit, It Takes An Iowan.

Through #ThisIsAg, Silos & Smokestacks will share videos, interviews and information about agriculture and the heritage area. Check back regularly for updates and share your thoughts and experiences on social media using #ThisIsAg.

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